"What is Pasture Company?"

We were asking ourselves this question a lot in the early stages of getting things up and running.

Frankly, it made us both stop and dig deep for the answer. Because the truth is, this whole new adventure has not come easily or swift. As a husband and wife team desiring to band together and manifest a mutual passion, we struggled to take the great "leap of faith". In the world as fast paced as ours, we were looking for something grounding and personal to us. 

We found just that in hunting vintage and unique goods, home decor, furniture and clothing along with other random trinkets that just were in need of a new outlook on life. Pieces that are no longer in production today yet still stand the test of time. It's as if each one had its own soul and we were given the task of reviving them. 

So this became our game.

Through the years, we acquired many great pieces and we felt compelled to share with the world.

We set up a plan to put things into action and somewhere along the way we discovered not only did we love to chase history's left overs but we also wanted to create our own. From one life stems another and since then we have been pursuing our humble little online shop together. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces and compiling a treasure chest full of past life goods.

We are here to follow this simple dream.

For all those who follow along with us, we thank you and we hope our small little shop could inspire the courage needed to the leap of faith in your own life, whatever it may be.

Michelle & Nate

-Pasture Company