2. Cypress Collection.

Progression is human nature. At least that is what they say. 

And as much as I would like to stay in my safe little box, it came time I push some boundaries. Heck, maybe even break some rules. These things were not in my nature.

I am a mother, wife and woman, All of these titles deserve recognition and hold so much power behind them. But when you feel like these honorary roles begin to blur together in the fast past, media pushing world around you, it comes time to put effort into something more. Something grounding and binding. 

Flash back 20 years and here is a little girl who's mother was a wonderful provider and even better influence to her and her little sister. She was kind, gentle but yet strong. She also was a quilter. The type of quilter who was devoted to her craft and who would stay up late into the night quilting at the kitchen table only to wake a few hours later to go to work. Her quilts won recognition and titles. That's how great she was. 

I watched my Mother through the years, so devoted to quilting yet never found an interest in it myself. Fast forward years ahead to the person who now sits typing behind the computer screen and here sits a woman whose  buried passion has only just found a foothold. With the guidance from my mother, I made my first mini quilt for our daughter for her first birthday. Since then, I began to push myself to create more and more and soon the Cypress collection was born. 

Progress does not just happen over night. It took a lot of doubts and fears to push past until my eyes opened and I found something calling my name that took those simple individual titles and bonded them together for a purpose. Maybe one day my children might collect memories of their mother quilting like I cherish the memories of mine. But so much more than that, I want them to remember that their mother was determined not to settle for the small box that life pushes you in. 

Nate RemingtonComment